Bankers Edge

Interactive Mobile Developer for E-learning – 2012-2013

While at Bankers Edge the focus was to manage an extensive library of existing Flash training modules. These modules were being used as part of a library subscription that banks would enroll in to on board new employees, keep up with regulatory training, HR and various other needs related to the operation of a bank.

Then next area of focus for this role was to create a series of mobile friendly alternatives to the existing Flash library, updating the look and feel but keeping the interactive training elements.

New design for Face to Face interview interaction



Maximum use of space was used for introduction to concept and closing screen, with plenty of one to one correlation to present conversational back and forth on subject. Interaction was a swipe with the finger or pressing the arrow left or right.


HTML – CSS – JavaScript – Photoshop

Illustrations for use in Investigator game



To be presented in three separate screens, more for visual impact and add some color to what could otherwise become repetitive training.


HTML – CSS – Photoshop – Illustrator


Full page guided tutorial



Using audio and content aware screen locators this guided tour offered a PDF like feel with professional audio recording and on click easy navigation.


HTML – CSS – JavaScript – Photoshop – Audio recording software


Miscellaneous Graphic Development


This is a small sampling of the style graphics I would develop to support the training modules, these graphics were used in both Flash, and HTML development efforts.


Photoshop – Illustrator