Joseki Tech

User Experience Front End Developer – Project Manager – 2013-2016

Designed and developed mobile and web application front ends for large scale corporate internal systems, projects included:

Mobile Application for concierge at Starwood hotels.

Concierge would have ability to look up information on guest from tablet. Features included ability to see guests who have enabled app on their phone and be able to give them a personal greeting.


HTML – CSS – JavaScript – JQuery – Angular


Calendaring Application for Starwood hotels.

For use in maintaining complex staffing across all areas of hotel service. Built with the ability to move time blocks on the front end user interface and have the changes report back to the database holding the source of record for all staffing needs.


HTML – CSS – JavaScript – Jquery – Angular

Health Check Application for Starwood hotels.

Used by Starwood corporate to present a visual representation of brand compliance across all hotel brands. Complete with instantly updated gauges and collapsible trend diagrams.


HTML – CSS – JavaScript – SVG – Angular


Designed and developed web presence for entrepreneur startup.


The Athelete Book


Worked one on one with client on his vision and direction for an idea he was passionate about. Development was done in WordPress with heavy customizations to off the shelf plugins. In the end we were able to create a community with a focus on helping alumni and student athletes connect to facilitate employment opportunities.




Worked with a training vendor to take storyboards and develop them into a fully animated marketing style video.

Marketing Video


Using Adobe Premier and After Effects to incorporate animations timed with narration.


Built and tested email templates for Staples automated email services.

Using best practice techniques for email development and delivery developed templates that use JSON data to populate and render 1000’s of emails on daily basis to customers.

Ensured accuracy across all email clients by implementing industry standard validation tools.


Acted as internal project manager for all projects since 2014.

Responsible for attending daily meetings to track status.

Tracked all issues in RAID (risks, actions, issues, decisions).

Sent weekly status on project.

Documented procedures and knowledge base.

Saw project through Development, Quality Assurance, User Acceptance Testing, Performance, and Production release.